Competitive Analysis

We prepare for our clients a clear mapping of the Asian competitive environment and identify where the gaps and opportunities are.

Market Entry Strategies

We accelerate our client's understanding of key Asia markets and trends. Backed by quantitative and qualitative research, we provide clear reports on where new business opportunities lie.

Strategic Review of Current Operations

For clients that are already doing business in Asia, we audit and review the current state of their operations including a deeper look into the current revenue streams.

Growth Strategies

A. NEW VALUE PROPOSITION: We identify new business opportunities and ways to localise their offerings with the creation of a Product/Market Fit matrix.

B. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AND MARKET REPRESENTATION: We identify what are the best options for our clients to grow their commercial presence in Asia. We assist some selected clients to sign their first commercial deals in Asia and grow traction for their products.

C. STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS AND JOINT VENTURES: We source, review and bring local strategic partners to our clients to accelerate their growth.

D. INVESTMENTS AND ACQUISITIONS: With our Financial Advisory Expertise, we assist our clients deploying growth capital.



We scan and examine our client's current capabilities against their desire and ability to change to secure new opportunities. We identify what current reactive and proactive approaches are being taken to defend positions, gain advantages and capture new markets.


We accelerate our client's business with innovation to adapt current business models and create new business opportunities in Asia. We define what are the operational, tactical and strategic approaches that can be taken
Through a gap analysis, we identify potential new markets and opportunities. This process enhances the futureproofing of our clients’ activities by connecting to them new high value ecosystems and attracting new customers.

Transformation through Innovation

We create an innovation matrix for our client and then source cutting edge solutions to fill the gaps. With AST’s global network, we source and support the implementation of world’s leading innovative sportstech, fittech and healthtech companies to create sustainable competitive advantage and leverage Asia's unique market characteristics.



We develop fundraising strategies - from Series A to Pre-IPO - adapted to successfully attract Asian and Strategic investors into the round. We assist our clients with the entire process including creating compelling investment collaterals, financial models, investor outreach and negotiations. We structure solid & realistic business plans to raise the right capital needed with adapted instruments(equity, debt, convertibles,etc).

Strategic Capital and Minority Investments

We have an extensive expertise in sourcing, raising, and structuring strategic capital investments for our clients. We leverage our deep understanding of strategic finance to advise clients making strategic and/or minority investment. We work primarily with Venture Capital and Private Equity funds looking to grow their allocation in our Area of expertise. In addition.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We evaluate potential targets or merger partners as well as financial and strategic alternatives. We advise on strategy, timing, structure, financing, pricing, and we assist in negotiating and closing transactions.

Business Valuation

With our financial modeling expertise valuing business in Asia for more than 15 years, we perform business valuations adapted to each engagement. Our valuation report also provides an industry overview section explaining the value drivers; outlines the inputs and assumptions of the model; and incorporates detailed exhibits that support our valuation conclusion.We employ a variety of approaches or methods applied not only to the subject of the valuation itself, but also to the development of certain inputs into the measurement (e.g. cost of capital, discounts and premiums). The most commonly used valuation methods include the cost, market or income (DCF) approaches.

Illiquid Asset Pricing

Brands, media rights, contracts, players or other complex intellectual properties can sometimes be hard to value. We assist our clients in creating valuation models for these types of assets in the Sports and Esports world for any type of pre/post transactions requirement or related matters.