We are excited to announce our strategic partnership with Mobio Interactive. The partnership combines AST’s industry-leading advisory services with Mobio Interactive’s clinically-validated AMDTx platform. Together we will deliver unique digital and hybrid solutions for Asian consumers and corporates seeking mental wellbeing and positive life changes.

As an Asian-based consultancy firm with a strong global network, AST provides market entry and growth strategies, innovation and digital transformation strategies, and financial advisory services to a broad range of clients in Sports, Esports, Sportstech/Healthtech, Fitness and Wellbeing that are accelerating the transformation of these sectors in Asia-Pacific.

The collaboration with Mobio Interactive marks a significant milestone in the development of mental wellness space across Asia-Pacific. With this partnership, we will help AMDTx to expand their presence, bringing it to more users and increasing user engagement. Supporting their work to deliver the best in mental wellness digital and hybrid solutions for Asian corporates and their employees, we will draw our strong industry network, unique insight into Asia’s complex market landscape, and knowledge of the wellness tool end-user in the region.

Read our previous article to learn more about investment opportunities in the Asia-Pacific mental wellness space.



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