Asia Sports Tech is proud to be a partner of globally renowned ‘TheStadiumBusiness to support their flagship Asia conference ‘The Stadium Business Asia’ in Hong Kong!

Both Founding Partners Jean-Baptiste Roy & Loron Orris took to the stage, steering two important panel discussions re-imagining Asia’s sports and entertainment destinations.

Here directly from Jean-Baptiste Roy,  as he breaks down his panel discussion with two powerful disruptors: Hyrox APAC & Talon Esports

“Competition between venues and cities to attract the best content and events is getting fierce in #asia. Where are the new revenue opportunities and how can you differentiate yourself ?

Considering the numbers of big stadiums and venues under construction in #Hongkong #Japan#thailand #china, the battle for the best content will just becoming more intense. ( However, I do believe in regional collaboration)

Always a pleasure to be invited to share my views on where I do see #growth #opportunities in #Asia

Had the pleasure to share a panel for the TheStadiumBusiness #Asia conference on “NEW REVENUE OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE NEW GENERATIONS OF FANS” with 2 fast growing content buckets #fitness Gary Wan and #esports Daniel Wong and we covered:

➡️ HYROX APAC: how does this fast growing IP in #fitness racing is bring new opportunities to engage with the 99% gym goers ?
➡️ #esport: how to tap in the growing esports event scenes in #Asia and how to make money from it ?”

And now, we have Loron Orris sharing his key takeaways on his pane with Chelsea Football Club & La Liga.

” I recently attended the @The Stadium Business conference & wanted to share some insights from it about the impact of new stadiums in Asia at the intersection of stadiums and venues, content, technology and fans.

I had the pleasure of curating a panel, and a big thank you to Ben Wiggins of Chelsea Football Club, and Marta Díaz Bejarano of LALIGA as they shared their insights about what football clubs are looking for from venues and promoters in an increasingly competitive global event marketplace with more football teams touring 🌎North America.

1️⃣Governments investing to attract international events & promote sports tourism
2️⃣Accelerating demand for international sports, esports and entertainment content
3️⃣Asia’s tech Savvy fans are demanding new experiences starting from ticket purchase to post event entertainment
4️⃣Huge opportunities for ticketing & stadium tech to provide world class solutions
5️⃣A real need to crate a stronger event awareness and event going culture as less venues with tenant teams
6️⃣Asia venues are looking for direct relationships with fans
7️⃣Asia will have a network of great venues for multi-country tours
8️⃣Sports IP are looking for more support from promoters & venues to ensure successful events given increasing global completion from other regions
9️⃣New stadiums = new industries & requires employment for hundreds to operate and program venues
🔟Leading global firms are providing the latest fan friendly designs.

🏟️Asia’s sports industry is undergoing a massive transformation 🚀🚀with the building of many new 🏟️stadiums that will greatly improve the experiences of millions of fans in the region 🌏for years to come!”

AST was proud to be a partner of the TheStadiumBusiness & TheTicketingBusiness events in Asia. Congratulations to Ian Nuttall and his team for two great events and all of us at AST are already looking forward to next year’s event.

As always, connect with us to stay informed about the latest trends, industry insights, and exciting opportunities in the world of sports business. Let’s collaborate and create a winning future together! 🚀🏆

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