A leading European digital company sought to penetrate the Asia Pacific market with leading sports technology tracking products that are used for sports performance and broadcast content creation. Given the size, interest and importance of this sport in Asia-Pacific 

AST Saddled Up as Running Mate into Asia Pacific

Working with the CEO of the company, AST developed and implemented the market entry and growth strategies for this world leader in real-time GPS and RTK tracking application for sports performance training and broadcasting.  

After reviewing their product offering and analysing and researching the different sports,  applications, and potential customers including federations, leagues, clubs and broadcasters, AST identified that the company’s first steps into Asia had to be in the field of horse racing.  Given the size, interest and importance of this sport in the region, the company’s CEO pushed forth with AST’s recommendation to build the company’s brand and reputation in the region. 

Off to the Races

AST used its network to reach out to the largest horse racing bodies in the region and within a short period was able to arrange meetings with decision makers in these regional governing bodies. An immediate internal process was started to evaluate how this leading edge technology can be implemented within their existing operations and give them an additional edge compared to the competition and other media and entertainment products. AST led the long RFP process and followed by acting as the company’s regional office to service the new Asian customers.



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