Asia Sports Tech was recently engaged to work closely with the Jardine Sports Association to  reactivate and re-engage members of all ages to support the JSA’s Mission and overcome challenges brought on by Covid-19.  

The Jardine Sports Association (JSA) provides a wide range of social, recreational and sports activities for all Jardine Matheson Group employees and their family members to encourage interaction, facilitate networking, foster team spirit and maintain a sense of community within the Jardine Matheson Group Companies in Hong Kong and Macau.

AST worked with JSA to identify challenges facing the organization resulting from Covid that had impacted employees’ physical and mental wellbeing as well as the overall sense of community. AST then identified potential solutions to re-engage their 20,000 members both as individuals and as a group and also to help employees enhance their mental and physical resilience.

AST’s created a 90-day program incorporating workshops, individual interviews, in-person and virtual educational sessions and testing digital solutions. The workshop took into account Jardines’ objectives of encouraging interaction and building community and AST also highlighted the latest trends, the benefits of how cutting edge digital technologies can enhance physical health, mental well-being and human connection for JSA’s consideration. 

After the workshop, Jardines’ participants selected five technologies for a 60-day trial that included in-person education about the solutions and feedback sessions where workshop participants and JSA’s management assessed the results. 

Eventually, the JSA selected some of these solutions to that fulfill JSA’s goals of re-engaging individuals and enhancing their physical and mental wellbeing while providing a solution for both the individual and the community while meeting corporate objectives.

Connect with us for more information about creating customized phygital corporate wellness solutions that support your corporate objectives and help build physical and mental resilience for your employees.


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