Embarking from its headquarters in Saint-Denis, France, PACIFA DECISION emerges as a trailblazer in the European landscape of 3D modeling for sports structures.

PACIFA’s commitment to excellence is underscored by their state-of-the-art B2B and B2C marketing solutions, meticulously crafted to equip clients with innovative tools. This not only amplifies the visibility of their sports clubs but also serves as a catalyst for optimizing ticket sales.

PACIFA has positioned itself as a vanguard, pushing boundaries through pioneering 3D models and strategic API integration with ticketing software.


What sets PACIFA apart in the competitive arena is its relentless pursuit of innovation:

  • Redefining the spectator experience, enhancing seating plans in 3D, seamlessly integrating with ticketing software through API.
  • Offering immersive views from every seat, VIP box, or hospitality area, introducing a new era in virtual stadium exploration.
  • Creating captivating virtual tours to incorporating augmented reality with audience modelling, these solutions redefine engagement.
  • With 8K panoramic pictures and cutting-edge professional software, PACIFA is revolutionizing the sports experience.

(Pictured: PACIFA for Arsenal Hospitality)


Some of PACIFA’s most valuable references include illustrious ticketing platforms and providers such as Secutix, Weezevent, SeeTickets, on events such as Roland Garros, the Rugby World Cup 2023, operas, theaters, and the biggest names in sports. Curious? Click the links below to explore the platform:

These revered partnerships not only underscore PACIFA’s prowess in the industry in the European region but also hint at the unparalleled innovation and excellence that sets them apart.

Joining forces with PACIFA means tapping into a world where top-tier football entities have entrusted their success to cutting-edge 3D modelling and marketing solutions, creating an aura of exclusivity and unmatched expertise in the industry.



As PACIFA DECISION sets its sights on new horizons, the collaboration with AST becomes a strategic catalyst for accelerating PACIFA’s expansion across the Asia-Pacific markets. This move, a testament to PACIFA’s commitment to innovation and excellence, strategically utilizes AST’s expertise in the dynamic APAC sports landscape.

The partnership marks the initiation of a comprehensive strategic process covering all aspects of international strategy development and execution, with a specific focus on APAC market analysis and strategic planning.

The strategic process entails multifaceted initiatives, including development and growth through outreach, acquisition, and integration strategies in APAC, establishment of dedicated representatives in key Asia geographies, market share expansion, and maximization of AST’s existing customer relationships to strengthen PACIFA’s foothold across Asian geographies.

(Pictured: PACIFA for PSG)

This collaboration not only signifies geographic expansion but also embodies the exchange of unparalleled expertise between PACIFA and AST.

If you want to understand how this technology can help your sports arena or ticketing platform increase revenues and user engagement, reach out to us today!