Besides interviewing the legendary Donn Davis of Professional Fighters League, AST Founding Partner Jean-Baptiste Roy also got to speak along with Eoin Connolly & Tom Bassam from the Editorial Team at the SportPro APAC 2021 to recap the best of the event’s second day. He shared his insights on media consumption habits of fans, how sports teams can interact better with fans and build loyalty through localization and technology adoption, so that brands and leagues can grow and thrive in the APAC market.

The discussion makes us reflect on how we can use sports or athletes as a platform to create positive change and empower people, the ideal ways to engage with fans and make casual fans become loyal fans under different cultural context as their habits and preferences vary, the excellent work that Chelsea did in China is a great example. They also talked about the soon-to-happen Tokyo Olympics and ways to create opportunities in Asia through delivering world-class sporting events.

Listen to the episode here:



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