Sports top articles 2022

In 2022, AST covered a very diverse range of topics. We featured major sports industry trends around Women in Sports, ESG, Sports Finance, web3, and the metaverse. We also did several deep-dives into several crucial Asian markets including Singapore, Korea, The Philippines, and Hong Kong.

Below are the 10 most popular AST articles amongst our readers in 2022.


1. Asia Explained: 
The growth engine of sports & esports

Asia is the growth engine of the world’s economy and its increasingly active middle class and large fan bases are leading to the rapid development of its sports, esports and health and wellness industries and propelling the region up the sports value chain.


2. Opportunities in The Philippines:  
Why The Philippines is a rising sports and esports market to watch

The Philippine sports and esports industries are thriving and the country has many competitive advantages that are fuelling the growth of these sectors. Some of these factors are also increasingly relevant throughout Southeast Asia.


3. Leaders in Sports:
Ivan Codina shares the secrets of Laliga’s success in Asia

AST interviewed Ivan Codina, Managing Director of LaLiga, SEA – Australia, Japan & South Korea. Ivan helped us demystify LaLiga’s purpose, ambitions, achievements, and expansion plan in Asia. 


4. The Growing Cricket Business:
How can companies and investors capitalize on the business of cricket in Asia?

The continuous growth of Cricket and the IPL is creating a ripple effect and accelerating opportunities in the overall sports ecosystem in Asia including sports tech, sporting equipment, apparel, fantasy sports, media, and entertainment. 


5. Rise of Immersive Sports:
How is virtual cycling leading sports & fitness into the Metaverse and creating investment opportunity

The emergence of connected bikes and related content has transformed cycling and has created immersive at-home connected experiences that are leading sports and fitness into the metaverse while creating significant investment opportunities.


6. Sports & Web3:
Driving fan engagement in sports by leveraging NFTs and gamification

Henry Lowenfels, Chief Product Officer at OneTeam Partners, Jasmine Maietta, CEO at round21 and Michael Thomas, Business Director Sport at Animoca Brands shared insights with Loron Orris at Stadia Venture’s Web 3.0 Summit on how NFTs and digital collectibles are enabling the sports industry to drive commercial and marketing appeal.


7. Opportunities in Singapore:
Is Singapore the ideal launchpad for Sports businesses in Asia?

Singapore emerged as the leading hub for Asia’s sports businesses and created great opportunities for international IPs and brands to enter the market, while offering innovative solutions to monetize its emerging sports ecosystem.


8. Opportunities in South Korea:
Discover South Korea’s Unique Edge in Sports and Esports

There are unique dynamics in South Korea’s sports market. Besides investments in esports, football, and golf; there is also great momentum behind Cycling, tennis, and fitness with multiple monetization opportunities coming to light.


9. Opportunities in Hong Kong:
How can Hong Kong rebuild its sports economy leveraging its unique strengths and resilience?

Look into the challenges and opportunities of how Hong Kong can leverage its unique strengths, sporting events, urban sports, and social impact to rebuild its sports economy post-pandemic.


10. Impact of Beijing Winter Olympics:
How are the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics transforming China’s winter sports industry?

The success of Beijing 2022 marked a milestone for China and will significantly accelerate the development of winter sports domestically, regionally, and globally. We expect to see even more opportunities for growth and investment in the dynamic winter sports market in China.



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