Sports and Wellbeing trends Asia

Thank you for being part of AST’s journey during 2021.  As we start the new year we thought it would be helpful to look back at the key trends that are transforming Asia’s sports, esports, sports tech and wellbeing ecosystems by presenting our collection of our most-read articles from the past year.  Please reach out if you have any questions about the articles and we wish you all the best for 2022!

1. China Fitness Market:
How will China’s latest national fitness program accelerate growth in the sports & fitness sector?

China’s National Fitness Program for 2021 to 2025 will accelerate the sports and fitness sector and create a favorable environment for companies to invest or expand in China.

2. Sports Tech Investment:
APAC sports & sports tech investment landscape

Learn about the insights on recent developments, current trends and future investment opportunities in APAC’s sports tech industry and related sports ecosystems.

3. Mental Wellness Investment:
The mental wellness space triggers investor interest

Investors have been making aggressive moves to seize the opportunity in the mental wellness space with several mental wellness startups successfully raising mega-rounds of capital to help Asian consumers cope with their mental wellness issues.

4. Corporate Wellness:
The future of corporate wellness is “PHYGITAL”

With the increase in accessibility to sports tech and health tech, corporates are now able to implement customized company-wide holistic programs that offer personalised “phygital” solutions for individuals while also creating shared experiences and a sense of community throughout the whole company.

5. Basketball Tech:
How can sports tech accelerate the growth and success of Basketball in Asia from grassroots to elite levels?

How can Asian basketball leverage sports tech to enhance all elements of the game including youth development, elite training, fan and sponsor engagement to better promote the consumption of basketball and grow all revenues around the sport?

6. Football Tech:
How can football tech level the playing field & take advantage of fan excitement about football in Asia?

Technology adoption in football is not as prevalent in Asia compared to Europe and North America, but associations, clubs and players are definitely looking for tools that digitally transform the experience and help engagement on and off the field.

7. Active Urban Spaces:
Reimagining our cities and urban spaces to be healthier and smarter

What is the value and what are the incentives of creating active outdoor spaces in the city and how do we optimize their usage through the development of spaces for each demographic while adopting cutting-edge technologies?

8. Digital Coaching:
How can digital coaching increase youth engagement in sports?

With the level of physical activity amongst youth declining further under Covid, digital coaching platforms and external coaching programs are emerging as solutions to get youth motivated and active again.

9. Esports in Asia:
What makes Asia an esports powerhouse?

Asia currently represents the largest gaming market, generating more than 50% of global gaming revenues with US$88.2 billion. This will attract more capital inflows and teams from around the world to enter the APAC market.

10. Fan Engagement:
Donn Davis talks PFL’s success with Jean-Baptiste Roy

As the mastermind behind the fast-growing MMA league, Donn has adapted an unprecedented and innovative approach to differentiating the game. PFL has also curated a simple yet artful and enjoyable experience to drive deeper engagement with the fans.


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