“AST’s deep understanding in the fragmented and highly competitive Southeast Asia market has enabled us to sharpen our focus which has led to our current success. AST’s strong industry network has opened many doors globally, and we’ve managed to acquire a few of these as clients or partners.”

 Jeff Foo, Founder and CEO of MOVE

About MOVE
MOVE (Formerly LIV3LY) is a Singapore-based social fitness super app, launched in 2019, that connects active lifestyle consumers with brands by creating engaging virtual runs and fitness experiences across Asia Pacific. MOVE collaborates with a broad range of leading global IP brands including Disney’s Marvel and Star Wars, Universal’s Jurassic World, sportswear brands Under Armour and Asics, electronics brands Jabra and banks such as J.P. Morgan. 

A large part of MOVE’s success is that their virtual races and app provide a great way for brands to engage with their consumers through months-long sustained regional campaigns. The company continues to grow as brands also recognize the opportunity to connect directly and better understand their consumers across fragmented Asia Pacific markets, especially during the pandemic. MOVE recognizes the need to continue to innovate and is adding new features including immersive AI experiences (currently with Jurassic World), group challenges and scavenger hunts which are some of the future features of virtual fitness experiences.


AST’s dynamic engagement with MOVE
AST started our engagement with MOVE with a strategic review of their business to understand their current and strategic goals through workshops and individual interviews with the team. AST’s extensive strategic review helped to identify current challenges and future opportunities and we worked with MOVE to refine their business model and product-market fit including pinpointing key target markets, new revenue streams, innovative product lines and future growth opportunities

We then proposed and implemented strategies that aligned with MOVE’s business goals and that have helped accelerate their growth. By focusing on the most profitable revenue opportunities AST helped MOVE better position themselves in the market while building out their product offering including their product roadmap.  We advised on a critical part of MOVE’s roadmap to include innovative new product offerings and digital engagement through augmented reality, gamification and group challenges that will help build a dynamic interactive platform for brands and customers. By leveraging our insights, MOVE has successfully tapped into new markets, created new products and acquired new clients and partners.

AST remains a close partner of MOVE and as a result of their commercial growth we are currently leading the company’s fundraising efforts to expand the current platform, create new features and support their APAC expansion. AST supports MOVE’s fundraising efforts by leveraging our global network of investors and identifying strategic partners that will help power MOVE’s future growth and success.




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