By Loron Orris (Founding Partner – Asia Sports Tech)

WOW! What an amazing FIT Summit in Singapore las month. I greatly enjoyed moderating the panel🎙“Successfully Scaling, Funding and Exiting your Fitness and Wellbeing Business in Today’s Markets.”🎙

We heard wise and candid insights from Brad Robinson of Ritual | The 30-Minute Gym & K5054 EnterprisesMelissa Murray of Bird & Bird and Tim Veron of Vively that could very much apply to all entrepreneurs journeys.

We discussed many key topics for the current fundraising climate and beyond including;
1️⃣ The importance of grit as an entrepreneur
2️⃣ Fundamentals and profitability have become critical to raise
3️⃣ Grow but pause to ensure you are expanding at the right pace
4️⃣ Always be raising and be thinking a few rounds ahead
5️⃣ Think about what markets you want to enter and protect your IP
6️⃣ Focus on great communication with franchisees and budget enough to support them
7️⃣ Stay in touch with your potential investors and update them about your progress…
and many more insights from this insightful panel.

A big thank you to Ross Stewart CampbellBlair Russell CampbellJolin MaDaylin LimonteEsther LeongKymberly PuahAtiqah Idham and the rest of the team for another great, energetic and informative event. I am looking forward to the next events and as Ross and his team take the Fit Summit Global 🌎

Please reach out to AST if you are interested in developing your #marketentry and #growthstrategy strategies to enter #Asia where it is critical to have the right product fit, for the right markets at the right time. Asia Sports Tech is working on several opportunities across the above themes 

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