Key Figures: Used by over 550 professional and elite sports teams around the world; over 50+ integrated technologies.

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Kinduct is a world leader with their athlete management system to unlock performance and provide competitive advantage through performance and injury analysis.  Used by over 550 teams, organizations, performance centers, military, healthcare, and leagues including MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL, and NCAA, Kinduct has proven to be a market leader in North America and looks to expand their reach globally, particularly into the APAC region.


Engaged with professional, collegiate and Olympic sports, Kinduct is well established in North America and recognized that market expansion is needed for growth.  The rise of sports in APAC prompted by the prominence of Asian athletes at international sporting arenas, increased frequency of major global sports events, and a growing abundance of tier 1 leagues and teams in the region.

The company identified APAC as a key region and sought out additional support from in-market experts to accelerate their growth trajectory in the region.


Prior to launching their expansion into APAC, Kinduct engaged AST to explore market entry strategies.  AST conducted market research and analysis of different sports and health solutions from various Asian countries to provide Kinduct with deeper market knowledge. Our team provided strategic advisory on the localization of Kinduct’s product offering and business model to capitalize on Asian value chain including pricing and new product range for the healthcare and fitness industry.

AST also reached into their vast network and made connections for Kinduct’s market expansion included but not limited to a network of teams, leagues, federation, and business opportunities in APAC which fundamentally identified Kinduct’s first key strategic deals in the region to accelerate the growth of its brand equity.


With the accelerated expansion in APAC, including the opening of their first APAC office in Australia, Kinduct’s reached the stage where capital was needed to support its growth.  Kinduct again reached out to AST for support in their global fundraising effort.  AST worked as financial advisor and broker a merger opportunity by bringing in additional capital from strategic APAC investors.  This all led to the successful acquisition of Kinduct by mCube, an innovator and established Silicon Valley technology leader in sensor solutions that enable the Internet of Moving Things (IoMT), and launching Kinduct from an early stage startup to an international company

AST continues to support Kinduct/mCube in their entry and growth into Asia. With the current focus of the company now on health tech, the scope of their targeted clients have shifted to include hospital groups, clinics to integrate a gait analysis test in hospital rehabilitation and provide remote monitoring solutions in health and recovery.


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