Runnin’ City Looks to AST for Smart Runs to Run Rampant in Asia

  Runnin’ City is a leading sports tourism application, designed for those who want to take a bit of time out of their busy schedule to discover unknown cities. The app offers a new vision of running – one based on discovery and sightseeing and provides the user with all the usual data, such as average speed, total distance and calories burnt.  Its focus however is on the enjoyment of the Smart Run, sightseeing routes of 5, 10 and 15 kilometres that provides an audio guided tour (powered by GPS) through a city and gives runners (or walkers) the pleasure of exploration and discovery via 30 second descriptions on sights, monuments, and even the instructions that guides from one point of interest to the next. Already with presence in numerous major cities mainly in Europe and North America, Runnin’ City looks to grow and expand their offering into Asia, a region where they have no operations or representatives.    

Hit the Asian ground running with AST

  Named as “the most disruptive startup in the area of sports and tourism” by the United Nations’ World Travel Organisation (UNWTO) in October 2019, Runnin’ City allows users to run efficiently wherever they are, with choices of at least 3 routes available in each city.  In their expansion plan for Asia, they sought out AST to not only gain an understanding of the overall market but also to identify opportunities in the region. AST prepared strategic research and analysis of opportunities in different countries and market segments of APAC including national tourism boards, high-end hotel chains, insurance companies, and hospital groups.  Our team created a sales plan that focused on local support for implementation and was able to successfully execute the new sales strategy and enlarge the product range proposed for the region including corporates and government partnerships.  With our extensive and multilingual network, AST accelerated Runnin’ City’s outreach to key executives in the mentioned organizations and helped establish strategic partnerships with other running/tourism platforms in the region. AST continues to support Runnin’ City, now in the capacity as the application’s representatives in Asia.  For inquiries, opportunities, or potential collaborations with Runnin’ City in Asia, contact us here.


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