Our founding partner Loron Orris recently presented at AmCham Hong Kong’s The Future of Work 2.0 event where he shared how corporates can leverage sports tech and health tech to provide digital wellness solutions to help their teams build mental and physical resilience and create sustainable competitive advantage.

Employees around the world have been adversely affected by the pandemic, further accelerating mental and physical health issues. This has created a negative impact on individuals and families and has also affected overall productivity in the workplace.  Corporates around the world are facing huge challenges – lower productivity, higher turnover rates and skyrocketing medical costs.  As their teams are working remotely or slowly returning to work they are looking for ways to support individuals while bringing their employees back together. Despite these many challenges there are digital technologies that can provide solutions to address these issues.

With the increase in accessibility to sports tech and health tech, corporates are now able to implement customized company-wide holistic programs that offer private and personalised mental and physical wellness digital solutions for individuals while also creating shared experiences and a sense of community throughout the whole company. 

Key elements to create a phygital corporate wellness program include:

1. Education: Create an understanding with your colleagues of the importance and impact of mental and physical wellness and building resilience.

2. Introduction of Digital Technologies: A guided Introduction to cutting edge wellness technologies and tools such as Whoop, AMdtX by Mobio (See our partnership) and Running City (Case Study) to support individuals’ needs and start to re-engage the community.

3. Encourage Interaction: Leverage the new technologies tie the community together and provide opportunities for shared learning experiences around mental and physical wellbeing.

4. Community Building: Highlight, re-connect and celebrate team members’ experiences and progress while reinforcing social connection at the company.

Returning to work in post-covid times can be challenging especially when your people haven’t been going to the office or working together in person for such a long time. It has become increasingly important for companies to better support their employees’ mental and physical wellbeing and to help them stay healthy while increasing employee connection and engagement. Those companies that make this investment in their people now during this challenging time stand to create sustainable competitive advantage and accelerate the growth of their businesses.

Let’s Connect and explore how AST can help you create your customised phygital corporate wellness Program.


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