We are thrilled to finally announce our partnership with 17 Sport! Together, we aim to empower the sports industry and promote purpose-driven initiatives that create positive social and environmental impact.

Our partnership will enable us to leverage our expertise and offer a comprehensive range of services to sports organizations in Asia and beyond. We look forward to working together and creating a meaningful impact on the sports industry.

The launch of the strategic partnership between Asia Sports Tech and 17 Sport is a significant development in the sports industry in Asia. The partnership will promote purpose-driven initiatives and enable sports organizations to deliver positive outcomes for people and the planet. The move is expected to have a positive impact on the sports industry and is a step towards creating a more sustainable and purpose-driven future for sports.

We have already kicked off our content series to some amazing feedback and we look forward to providing valuable insights and best practices for sports organizations looking to integrate purpose into their business strategies.

Curious about the intersection of sports & purpose? Reach out to us to learn about how to measure the impact of your purpose-driven sport sponsorships.